Installing Mailman3 on Debian 11

Installing Mailman3 on Debian 11
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Ever since Yahoo Groups shut its doors down a few years ago, I wanted to find a replacement for the groups I use. Most people migrated to (which is free for the basic functionality, but cost money for most stuff), the Troop went to a paid service called Emaildodo, and the Boy Scouts District that I'm in went to not having a group at all but having the District Commissioner be the "keeper of the list" and mostly send out monthly newsletters or a few special notices with MailChimp (the free version).  Since I'm now District Commissioner, I wanted to "fix" this and let anyone mail to the list again and have archives of the messages sent.  The old standards on this are Listserv and Mailman - Listserv fell out of favor back in 90s when they started charging (and its closed source), which was one of the drivers behind the creation of Mailman.  Mailman 3 is the latest version, and so I decided to spin up a new VM to install it.  One of the challenges that I had was the instructions they have on the website did not work, but they mentioned there was a Debian Package so I went that road to install it on Debian 11.3 (worth mentioning that I went to the Mailman 3 mailing list afterwards and told them that the instructions were broken and the fixed some things in the document and applied a patch).

Now, this is a really complicated install, but I was able to find instructions for an older version on Ubuntu (18.04) that worked perfectly.  They are located here:

Mailman 3 & Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) Setup Guide
Mailman 3 Setup Using Ubuntu Bionic Created on 2018-12-20 Last Updated on 2020-06-16 If this guide needs editing, contact Kelly Close at LRE Water NOTE 6/16/2020 - I set up another Ubuntu 18.04 Mailman3 system today following this guide which is now 1-1/2 years old. I...

The only difference is that I did not have to install the additional PostgreSQL Libraries (those packages don't exist or are named something else in apt), but they are included in the mailman3-full package when it get installed.

Here is my new list server for the District (and the Troop):

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