Do not use MagicMail or Spam Rats

My opinion is no mail provider should use MagicMail or Spam Rats blacklists. Why? Because they block my ligitimate e-mail and provide me with no method to allow my e-mail.

I went to a great deal of effort to setup my e-mail SMTP server for to comply with all industry anti-spam standards. My SMTP server resides on , which is a staticly assigned address by my ISP and has the reverse DNS address (PTR record) of assigned by my ISP. has SPF DNS record authorively specifying that e-mail from my domain comes from this IP Addess and DNS Hostname, and the EHLO uses .

My SMTP server uses authentication, supports SSL and TLS, and mail from it is accepted by crazy little upstarts like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. It is not acceptable to Spam Rats and the associated product MagicMail. SpamRats uncerimoniously placed on it's RATS-Dyna blacklist. They define the RATS-Dyna list as "Probable PC or home connection infected with a Trojan, Bot, or Emailer Program". If I send an e-mail to a mail provider that uses MagicMail it will bounce with this message:

Sent: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 14:30:26 -0600
Subject: Re: [ SPAMRATS REMOVAL REQUEST BY ADMIN -] Requesting removal

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:
Error Type: SMTP
Remote server ( issued an error.
hMailServer sent: RCPT
Remote server replied: 550-Your message was rejected by this system and was not delivered.
550-Reason: This system uses BMS to check your IP address reputation, and was rejected by the system. IP=[]
550-Protection provided by: MagicMail version 3.0
550-For more information, please visit the URL:
550-or contact your ISP or mail server operator.

Occassionally, I run into an e-mail provider that requests verifiction or perhaps blocks based on this list and I follow whatever process is required not to be identified as Spam. Naturally, the first time I got a bounce from MagicMail and SpamRats I went to the website to get my SMTP server off their naughtly list. Punching in my IP Adress and info, I was greeted with this message:


They don't like my entire subnet, so I'm blocked with no recourse? Undeterred I persisted and used their "Contact Us" form. When I punched in the IP, I was asked if I owned . I answered honestly (no) and was greeted with this:
Still undeterred, next time I answered "yes" and it allowed me to fill out the contact form, and it told me the DNS name did not follow their naming convention. It instructed me to change the name to or and submit the form. I don't have control over the PTR record, my ISP does. Besides, all following a naming convetion accomplishes is to positively identify to hackers that an e-mail server definitely resides on that host!

I put in the contact form a message that I don't control the PTR record, but I am not a Spammer and will do everything I can to demonstrate this, then I punched submit on the form anyway. I was greeted with this response the next day:


You ONLY need to remove the IP Address from our list if you are running
an outgoing mail server.

(If you do NOT run an email server on this IP address, then being on
this list should not affect you or your ability to send email through
your email provider. If it does, please contact your ISP or email
provider to correct. It can be a problem with the email server, or your
email client may not be configured correctly).

If you ARE running an email server, your PTR (reverse) DNS is the

This does not conform to 'Best Practices' recommendations for Network
Operators, and Email administration and as such is much more likely to
be an access point from which Trojans and Bots are being used to send

You should first, of course, ensure that the problem that got your IP
detected in the first place (i.e. infected PC's or a spam leakage) gets
rectified. However, once this is done you should contact your upstream
provider or change the PTR (reverse) DNS yourselves to something more

According to 'Best Practices' guidelines (and I can give you several
references if you like) the hostname of an IP Address used to send
email should resolve to the responsible party's domain. In this case,
the host name resolves to your upstream provider, who aren't
responsible for the mail server at that location. Simply changing the
reverse DNS to something like..


-- or --

Once this is done, it would allow the IP Address to be removed, and
also prevent the spread of Spam from trojans and bots. You may need to
wait for the DNS change to propagate before removal.

Thanks, and we hope this information helps.

  -- Pest Control Officer -- 

When I went to reply my respose was blocked by MagicMail. They don't even allow e-mail from a server on their blocked list to repond to an e-mail they sent to it. So, I forwared my respose to my e-mail and then forwared it back to them.

I haven't gotten a respose and I don't particularly expect one. Both MailMagic and Spam Rats make it pretty clear to me on their websites they don't want to deal with anyone who is blocked.

There are over 100 different Spam Backlists out there. My server is clean on every other list, because it is a source of only legitimate e-mail and complies with all the real industry standards.

If I'm being blocked (with no recourse) for no other reason besides my hostname, other people probably blocked for this same reason as well. This means if you use MagicMail, or another spam filter that uses the RATS-Dyna list, you are blocking my legitimate e-mail traffic and will probably be losing sales from me and maybe from many others.



Thomas Kisner

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