Fixed Odin Theme to Work on Ghost 1.x CMS


So, when I updated from Ghost 0.11 to Ghost 1.17, the theme that I use for my website was broken. Not so broken it didn't work, but broken enough that it spit out a dozen errors when you tried to use it.

So, I went to GitHub to see if there was a new version. No new version (it hadn't been updated in quite some time), and someone had already reported the bug that it didn't work with 1.x. I also got a pretty clear message from the author an update probably wasn't coming. So, I forked the code on GitHub and fixed all the errors myself (all very very minor things). While I was at it, I took out the requirement to have to generate a favicon on a website and manually put the files on the server. Ghost had built that in at some point, so it was just a painful no longer nessesary step that actually overwrote the built-in stuff. The fixed code is here:

I think it's a pretty cool theme and I thank the orginal author, Andrea Tarquini.

Thomas Kisner

Husband, Father, Scouter, Ham.

Azle, Texas