Media Center

This Windows 10 server runs Windows Media Center on Windows 7 SP1 in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine as a headless remote backend, using XBox 360s as Media Center Extenders. My current config is listed below:

Previously, I was running Windows 8.1 WMC on bare metal. When I went to convert it to a VM, I ran into trouble with the 8.1 image I created. I had an unused Windows 7 copy on hand and did a clean install in an another VM. I have subsequently done a recovery of the 8.1 install, and may switch back sometime.

Because I use WMC Extenders and HDHomerun network tuners, I have no issues or special config running in Hyper-V. I do post-processing (MCEBuddy/Comskip) on the Win10 host, and move the TV recordings to a Storage Spaces pool that is shared back to the Win7 guest.